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DOGgeviti, CATgeviti, ImmunoPet - specializing in your pet longevity!

DOGgeviti and CATgeviti are the First All-Natural Anti-Aging for Dogs and Cats. Joint Supplement That Works at Molecular Level for Rapid Results. ImmunoPet colon & digestive support PreBiotic of canines and felines.

DOGgeviti® formerly known as DOGtor Rx

DOGgeviti is the First All-Natural Dog Joint Supplement That Works at Molecular Level for Rapid Results.

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Scientifically proven anti-aging formula available for dogs!

Restores nature's essential Natural Growth Factors!

Natural remedy for Dog Ailments!

Alleviates suffering and will energize your Dog!

A must for your companion - Veterinarian Recommended!

What makes DOGgeviti® Formula different from other nutritional dog supplements?

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DOGgeviti and Natural Growth Factors make the difference!

Extensive research has recently determined that Natural Growth Factors are an excellent addition to a canine's diet. Before the introduction of NGFs to their diet, the only way that natural growth factors could be added to a canine's diet was by feeding them fresh raw meat (like carnivorous wild animals eat). This is true science and here is how it works!

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The Evolution of DOGgeviti® and DOGgeviti® Formula

DOGgeviti and CATgeviti contain Natural Growth Factors originally formulated for humans. For years, consumers have been reporting phenomenal results using this natural anabolic dietary formula.

Results were so positive that some people actually began sprinkling it on their dog's food to see if their pet would also benefit. The results were amazing and positive. This led to the development of DOGgeviti®.

ImmunoPet with Digestive Wheat Germ Extract DWGE

ImmunoPet colon and digestive support PreBiotic for canines and felines.

ABOUT DIGESTIVE WHEAT GERM EXTRACT (DWGE) the active ingredient in the ImmuoPet :

ImmunoPet For Pets with GI Conditions

ImmunoPet For Pets with GI Conditions

Many pets today have GI conditions like IBD, IBS, leaky gut, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and other issues. The good to bad bacteria ratio in their GI tract is out of whack.

DWGE is a gluten and gliadin free prebiotc containing mixture of biologically active materials including benzo-quinones ( the 2,6-dimethoxy-p-benzoquinone (2,6DMBQ), oligosaccharides derived from wheat germ. The wheat (Triticum vulgaris) is one of the largest known natural sources of these compounds), oligosaccharides helps to stimulate the growth and/or activity of bacteria in the digestive system with a beneficial effect in the digestive process. After the harmful proteins of gluten, gliadin, fructans and toxins are eliminated , the wheat germ extract concentration allows the immunomodulatory effects of the substituted benzo-quinones to be obtained without the consumption of impractically large amounts of wheat germ.

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